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Lovely cat (Rabat)

Meet Toby. A lovely cat (ex male) of 1 year old. He used to have a family until they were tired of him and threw him in the streets, a few months ago. My vet took him in and very soon someone would come to pick him up. But again no luck for Toby as this girl never showed up.

While waiting for a new home, Toby kept himself busy with three kittens that were found in the street, next to their dead mother. He cared for them and became there male surrogate mum.

By now, all the kittens found a home, but Toby is still there. The vet can't keep him is her cabinet any longer, so she has to bring him to the shelter.

BUT! I've met Toby a few times and everyone else who knows him agrees: Toby is a family man. So if there's someone who can offer this gentle, cuddly and playful cat a warm home, please let me know. He really, really deserves it!

White color will follow

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