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Equador Living (Raleigh)

I am not an Expat yet.
I am retired, living in NC, USA. I also have a son in his 30's confined to a wheel chair, but capable of taking care of himself.
I'm looking for an inexpensive place to retire. I have enough retirement income to meet any income requirements for Central or S. America.
I've been pretty interested in Panama but once I got on a few expat forums, listening to expats converse, Panama didn't look so appealing anymore.
Everything I've read about the people was great and I've been working on Spanish. The problem was the expats themselves. Some were very nice but there were enough angry people to make me wonder. A few displaced American who carry a grudge, a few with an over active Religious bigotry, a bit of name calling and things like that.
So! I'm back to researching. I know this is supposed to be for current expats and I apologize for the intrusion. If I could tell you a bit about myself, I'd like some honest feedback.
The reason I don't like expat wannabe forums is that it's all about sales. I don't need a rosy picture or empty promises. I learn more from actual expats conversing about every day things. So, here it goes!
I'm 64, unmarried (and plan to stay single). I'm a middle income kind of guy. I've had a service business of my own (HVAC) and I've worked in Technical Sales and been successful at both. My son lost the use of his legs in an auto mishap but he gets around exceptionally well.
I'm slower than I used to be but never tire of looking around the corner for new things or opportunities.
Not much of a drinker, more of a home body. I love music and art. I paint a bit. Played music to get through college but probably couldn't carry a tune now. I respect religions... all kinds but consider my beliefs private and don't prescribe to any structured religion.
I like rural settings but For the first year at least, I'd like to live in a small city and lose myself in it's customs.
I plan to bring or buy a car. I don't want my son to depend on handicap transportation, at first any way.
We need good internet service, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and are looking for a furnished place with wheel chair access... ground floor or elevators.
My son loves the beach but I like the highlands. Maybe cool weather with a lake???
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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