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Looking for work in the Triangle Area (Raleigh)

Hi all!

As expats now living in the Triangle, I was hoping that y'all might be able to help me with my current search for employment in the Triangle area. I used to study in Chapel Hill, it's where I met my girlfriend, but now that my time there has run out, I've had to return back to Britain. I'm trying to get back to work following my graduation, which is where this all leads to. I'm really looking for work in the Triangle area somewhere that would be willing to sponsor my visa application, and I was hoping as most of you will have gone through this process already, whether you might be able to help out a Brit in need. I've put a concise-ish, bit below about what I need. Really, any help that you can give would be amazing.

My name’s Stu, I love Chapel Hill and Carrboro, last year I studied at UNC, which I adore, most of my friends live in the area, and so does my girlfriend. It’s really the place I call home, walking down Weaver Street, helping out at TABLE, going to YoPo, hanging out at Cat’s Cradle and Open Eye or Caribou... Most of all though I love the spirit of community in the two towns and that people will stand up and help others no matter who they are, stranger or friend. It’s this spirit that I’m hoping might be able to help me.

I’m a senior at the University of Warwick in England studying politics, and will be graduating in June Protected content . Due to the lengthy nature of getting a visa, I have to start looking early for work, which is proving hard as many people are keener to hire Americans, which I can understand and sympathize with, as hard as that makes it to find work. I have a GPA of 3.92 out of 4.00, which I hope to maintain and build on, experience working with charities, political parties, in journalism, teaching, and in the music business, both on the management side, and performance. I’m really looking for any work at all in the area. I don’t see a job as a 9 – 5 chore, but something that’s a commitment.

If anyone here knows anyone who might be interested in talking to me, has any recommendations about places I could look, or even better, is looking to hire, and would like to talk to me regarding a potential position, I would appreciate it so much. To those of you who can’t, thanks for taking the time to read all this, it’s much appreciated.

Thank you,

Stuart Shevlin.

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