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Learn to Salsa Rueda Style (Ras Al-Khaimah)

I've got an idea. If we can get two couples together who would like to learn Salsa, I can teach you how to not just Salsa as a couple but also the style known as "Rueda".

Rueda is the style where couples dance together and the girls change partners. It's almost like a game or a sport but you can find lots of videos about Casino Rueda style salsa on YouTube. It's really the most social way to learn to Salsa.

It's also known as Cuban style and the world's record rueda (circle) is Protected content , or something like that. But it can also be done just by one couple. It's the coordination part of it, in a circle with other couples, that makes it so "hot" when the music is good and people are really 'cooking'.

Each pattern (there's about Protected content total...just a curriculum) but after just a couple hours you know more than enough to dance. In Miami, they typically teach it in 9 levels. We'll learn about 2 levels but that's plenty to have a lot of fun.

Once you learn the basic steps (about 3 or 4 only) you can learn more on your own from YouTube or purchased DVDs. The more basic patterns you learn, you begin to mix-and-match on your own and you can get very creative.

Anyway, since I'd be in on it too, I really just need one more guy and two ladies. We could rendezvous once a week, or twice. There is some live Latin music in town and I'm sure they'd love to have us come out when they play. Typically, when people see somebody doing Rueda style, they always ask if they can learn, I think it could easily grow bigger.

If you have any coordination and/or rhythm at all, I'll have you dancing in an hour.

Give me a shout if you're interested.

Art Williams
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