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Specific dance class proposal.. (Ras Al-Khaimah)

First, I enjoyed meeting several people at the social last week but I didn't get any phone numbers b/c I had an iPhone I didn't know how to work. So, if I met and talked to you I'd appreciate it if you'd send me your contact details..and I'll give you a call.

Next, here's my specific proposal for those people who might be interested in learning how to Salsa, Bachata, ChaCha and/or Kizomba..... and anybody who wants to learn Casino Rueda style Salsa. If you're not sure what those styles look like, just search them on YouTube.

Anyway.... I'd like to get at least Protected content who'd like to convene at least once a week. I'll teach you the basic in the first class and then after that we'll build on those skills every time we get together. I've got a bunch of videos I can share, you can also buy your own...but really there's plenty of usable videos available on YouTube.

The advantage of having a practice group like this is that (for the girls and the guys) when you go to a club and dance with new people.... you feel more comfortable because you've had a chance to practice with somebody you're comfortable with and at the same skill level yet. The idea (especially for the guys)is that each time you 'go out', you try to perfect one more little thing. You'll be amazed how fast you'll progress taking a persistent, progressive, consistent approach like this.

We can meet anywhere. If we meet at my place (right now), it's small but I have an iMac that we can use for music. I don't have a 'boom box' so if we meet somewhere else we'll need to make arrangements for a sound system of some kind. There's plenty of sources of streaming music on the web (e.g. or YouTube)

My cellphone number is Protected content feel free to give me a call. My skype ID is 'atwill4'.... feel free to reach out there too.

I'm convinced that there's a potential Salsa, Bachata, Casino Rueda and even Kizomba community here in RAK. If we get to the point where we could cruise into Dubai occasionally, that would be uber-Kool.


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