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UAE Government Job Offer - Labor Law Advice Needed (Ras Al-Khaimah)

H everyone thanks for your help on this in advance. Hope all is well :)

I am a GCC citizen and have been offered a government job in Ras Al Khaimah. Is anyone familiar with the public sector regulations, labour laws, pay structures (درجة العمل), pay rises, annual leave etc for GCC Nationals. To be specific:

1- My offer was broken into 2 parts, "basic salary" and "comprehensive allowance." The comprehensive allowance is actually 4.5 x my basic salary = for example basic Protected content , comp. allowances Protected content . How does that affect my annual pay rises and social insurance (as GCC citizen)?

2- I was made an offer without a relocation allowance, car or housing allowances. Shouldn't I be eligible for this or is this allowance non-existent in the public sector. I previously worked in Private sector and in general consulting I always received these

3- I could not find pay grades and job levels online (درجة العمل). I understand that each job in the public sector is awarded a level and pay grade. I was offered "Special 3rd grade/level (خاصة مناظرة للدرجة الثالثة)," what does mean exactly?

4- How is health insurance provided, the offer states: Health insurance upto Protected content annum

5- I am currently single, are there any benefits/allowances automatically provided to government employees upon marriage (such as housing allowance, insurance for the spouse, etc) or is this on a case by case basis

6- What is the minimum annual leave days per annum in public sector? I was offered 25 which seems very low in comparison to private sector

7- What is recruitment/invitation ticket (تذكرة استقدام) mean?

Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks

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