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Living in Reading

My husband received a job offer andwe are evaluating it now, but it is a bit difficult since we have never been to Reading, we have been to Manchester, Liverpool, London, but never to Reading, we have the feeling that we will like it, however we have now a 2 yr old son and that forces us to make a more mature decision instead of saying: ok lets just go!! (which brought us to Belgium 8 years ago).

1) Health: If he gets sick (high temperature, etc), where are supposed to take him How much does it cost? In case you pay, do you get some money reinbursed? how?

2) Here in Belgium, he receive a parental help for our son, from the government, Is there something similar in UK?

3) Schools, are there nice nursery schools in Reading? I mean, schools with good values and quality? and in case yes, are they reachable for anyone? meaning that if you can just go there and subscribe your kid? or, how does it work?

4) Do these schools cost? case yes, how much?

5) Is public transport reliable in Reading? Is car mandatory to live? (meaning that you wont survive without a car) Do people commute using bicycle? (weird question, but everybody in Belgium/Nederlands use the bicycle for everything)

7) We saw that Caversham could be a nice area to live, is this correct? are there other nice places?

Our main concerns are regarding health and school (for our soon), so, the more we know about that, the better..... But of course we would like to know if there are nice pubs, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, etc..

I am sorry if i ask way too many questions, but we would like to know as much as possible before taking a decision.

I hope somebody can help us with this.

Dania ;-)

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