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Designer and Musician looking for a job, or gigs! (Regensburg)

Hi there! I'm a Multimedia Designer and I just moved to Germany, for the moment I speak English and Spanish fluently, I'm attending to an intensive German course but I'm still at A1 level so I'm not able to get a German speaking job.
I got into and all the other Job Searching websites around but still haven't found anything that doesn't requires German speaking as a must have.

If you have a tip for me in this search or can give me a hand in any way I will very much apreciate it.

Here is my website with my portfolio, cv online, and contact information, just in case...

Also I'm a musician in my free time, and I'm looking for gigs in bars or caffes, so if you happen to know where I could play in Regensburg you would be helping me a lot. This is my music website:

Thank you in advance!

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