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Obertraubling Train Parking and Used Bike Store? (Regensburg)

We are moving to Regensburg in a month or two. We like a house near Obertraubling and have a question. How is parking at that station? I want to take my girls to the SIS International school and prefer not to drive. The commute from the train is ideal over bus and train. The parking lot is small for what I am used to in California. Can people park there without a problem on a regular basis? Is there overflow parking? It is a 7 minute bike ride but we are used to California weather and not rain and snow. We will adjust but I want to make it as easy as possible, especially when we first arrive.

On that note, is there a good location to buy used bikes for children? My girls are 10, 7, and 7. I prefer to buy used and not worry as much about use. I still want good bikes though. We will not ship ours from the US.

Thank you for any advice. My husband starts a new job here in October and we are currently in Regansburg looking at the area and housing.


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