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Eating Veggie- Regensburg’s Vegetarian and Vegan Culinary Options

Are you a vegetarian and expect to be stuck with a small salad amidst the many traditional meat dishes? Think again! Gabrielle, our Local Reporter shares an exclusive list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, cafés, markets and much more for expats in Regensburg.

When you think of typical German cuisine, the first thing to come to mind is most likely a meat dish whether it be a sausage, schnitzel, roulade or some kind of roast. Though Germans certainly do love their pork in one of its many forms, Regensburg’s food outlets have recognized the need to cater to the growing vegetarian and vegan community and have actively begun to offer veggie options and alternatives to their usually meat-centric cuisine. In order to help navigate this thriving food lifestyle, I put together a guide on some of the restaurants, markets and more which cater to a spectrum of plant-centered diets:

Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants (General)

Plan 9, the first purely vegan restaurant in Regensburg, which moved locations to the heart of downtown in 2015, now has new management and has changed its name to DNA (Glockengasse/Steinergasse). Despite the structural changes in the past years, the concept is still the same: creative, quality vegan food in a rock n’ roll bar atmosphere. Some days of the week only a smaller menu is available, as well as there being daily and occasional specials. For the music lover, the establishment regularly holds rock n’ roll concerts, and their DJs also cater to the alternative music scene.

Tara Café (Am Brixener Hof 5) which complements the Tara yoga studio is a charming tiny café which specializes in organic and vegan offerings. Their menu which rotates daily includes a selection of (raw) cakes, salads, and smoothies. Occasionally they offer instructional workshops (ie. on gluten-free baking). Follow their social media page to keep up-to-date with their daily menu and news.

Kaffe Dada (Rote-Löwen-Straße 11) is another downtown vegetarian and vegan focused restaurant which is the place for the tofu and seitan lover. Their signature dishes consist of burgers as well as other vegetable-focused dishes.

Middle-eastern themed Vegan & Vegetarian Dining

Cigköftem (Bismarktplatz 9) is one of the newest additions to the Regensburg vegan and casual dining scene. They focus specifically on vegan Turkish food. Choose their spicy vegan Köfte wrapped in a flatbread.

For those looking for a sit-down middle-eastern dining experience which caters to a range of food interests, Mesopotamia (Metgebergasse 2), the Kurdish and vegetarian restaurant is highly-recommended. Mesopotamia’s menu, which also provides plenty of options for the meat-lover as well, consists of a variety of dishes which include classic appetizers such as hummus and main dishes which are accompanied by flatbread and usually a side of bulgur. Baklava is also on the menu.

(Non-Dairy) Sweets and Ice cream

One of the most popular vegan-friendly dessert stops is the ice cream and sorbet counter at Aamu (Thundorferstraße 10). Aamu has a generous assortment of vegan-friendly ice creams as well as sorbets. Some of their innovative flavors include: strawberry mango, apple with strawberry & rhubarb, blood orange, lemon & basil with fleur de sel, coconut and more. Another environmentally friendly bonus is that their ice cream containers are also 100% biodegradable and compostable. In addition to ice cream, Aamu offers vegan baked goods and gives you the option of choosing soy or oat milk in your coffee as an alternative to dairy milk.

Anna liebt Brot and Kaffee, or sometimes simply known as Café Anna (Gesandtenstraße 5), is known for their delicious cakes which also offers a vegan cake choice at least on the weekends. Additionally, they too also keep vegans in mind at their ice cream counter.

Casual Dining

Suppenbar (Obere Bachgasse 12) has a weekly changing soup menu (at least one if not multiple vegan options) and also a daily main dish. They provide a delicious soup from quality ingredients at very affordable prices. The soups are served with fresh bread and an option of a salad.

Another casual dining place which offers vegan soups and sandwiches as well is Café Sofa (Spiegelgasse 1). Vegetarian and vegan desserts may also be available.

For those looking for made to order Asian cuisine, there is also KUK Asia Food (Obermünsterstraße 11) which features a vegetarian/vegan menu in addition to their other offers.


Organic food markets

Most supermarkets in Regensburg now include both vegetarian and vegan alternatives. In addition there are also a number of markets which specifically offer organic and sustainable products. One of the larger organic markets is Alnatura (D.-Martin-Luther-Straße 2; Dachauplatz). Alnatura products can also be found at DM, Edeka, and  ordered online. Another popular market is denn’s Biomarkt (Kumpfmühler Str. 8).

Farmers Markets

There are also several weekend farmers’ markets (Bauernmärkte) selling local and seasonal specialties. At the markets you can find vegan friendly options like fresh fruits and vegetables, local herbs, flowers and for the vegetarians there are also vendors displaying local cheeses, homemade pasta, and honey. Be sure to check out the Donaumarkt (Alter Kornmarkt) early on Saturday mornings.

Mobile Applications

Living in a digital world has also made finding a vegetarian or vegan establishment much easier. Happy Cow is a mobile application and guide, which lists user-submitted vegetarian and vegan restaurants and health food stores. You can use the site to search by country and region. For the German speaking community there is a similar app called Vanilla bean.

Organizations and Communities

VEBU- Vegetarian Union Germany (Vegetarierbund Deutschland e.V.) has a regional chapter in Regensburg which is actively involved in matters related to vegetarianism and veganism. It is a social group which holds a monthly potluck brunch, as well as various cooking courses.


Veganmania has been taking place the past few years on Haidplatz. The festival includes a number of booths aiming to educate people on not just the vegan food options which Regensburg and the surrounding area has to offer, but also vegan and animal-friendly consumer goods. As is standard at a festival, there is also some music, food, and, unique to this festival, a vegan cooking demonstration.


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