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Five Things to Do When Spring has Sprung in Regensburg

When temperatures start to rise, Regensburg offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy the first rays of sunshine. InterNations Local Reporter Gabrielle put together some tips on how to enjoy spring time from hitting the beer fests to visiting the farmer’s market.

The arrival of the warmer spring temperatures means Regensburg is returning to life.  With so much being offered in the city, it can be hard to decide what to do with one’s time! Here is a guide to help sort out the most essential things to do in Regensburg in the springtime:

Go to a Bierfest


Though not always taking place in the springtime, Palm Sunday represents the yearly pilgrimage up Adlersberg for Palmator. The Palmator Starkbier festival typically consists of getting up early, climbing up to Adlersberg with a group of people, and spending the day sitting outside filling up on steins of strong beer (Starkbier).

As the temperatures can still be quite low and not always resulting in the greatest outdoor weather conditions, Palmator can be a bit of an endurance test. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable atmosphere for those who like strong beer, good company, and come equipped with a positive attitude… and maybe an extra waterproof pullover.

Volksfest Dult

The biggest of the Regensburg festivals and also serving as the unofficial start of the springtime and festival season is the Dult. Dult takes place biannually in May (Maidult) and then again at the closing of summer (Herbstdult) lasting just over two weeks on Dultplatz.

The most standard thing to do at Dult would be to come in Tracht, have a beer in the Hahnzelt or Glöcklzelt (which will probably result in you singing German Schlager and possibly dancing on top of the benches), or drinking a wine in the Bauer Weinstadl.

At some point in between you may decide to grab some Allgäuer Emmentaler cheese with a pretzel (Brezen) or a half meter Bratwurst. Other snacks include fish sandwiches (Fischsemmeln), chocolate covered fruit, crepes, or the luscious toasted almonds (gebrannte Mandeln).

If eating or drinking is not your thing, you can also just go for the rides or play one of the games such as target practice to win prizes. There are also booths selling various household goods for purchase.

Be sure to check out the fireworks which take place on the first and last Friday of the festival at 22:00.

Other Beer Fests

In the past years there have been other popular festivals dedicated to beer in Regensburg, including the Craftbier Festival. This festival is on a much smaller scale than Dult, but still is a nice gathering with a wide-variety of beers catering to the craft beer market. Locations and day vary.

Eat Asparagus (Spargel)

If there is one vegetable that reigns in receiving attention during the springtime and early summer in Germany, it would undoubtedly be asparagus.

Once springtime is underway, asparagus, or as it is called in German, Spargel, takes over not just entire sections in supermarkets, but also little stands pop up in unexpected places around town selling a variety of asparagus. The asparagus comes in white and green varieties with the costs varying depending on whether or not it is organic, locally grown, and taking into consideration its thickness. You can boil it, puree it into a stew. Even transform it into chutney.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of peeling it, or you do not have one of the fancy pots that the German’s have for the sole purpose of cooking asparagus, most restaurants also offer it on the menu in some form or another.

Check out a Farmer’s Market

With the temperatures warming up, spring time produce is also popping up, and one of the greatest places to find this and other local items is at the various farmers’ markets around town.

One of the most popular markets is the Donaumarkt taking place on Saturday mornings on Kornmarkt. Here you can find fresh vegetables (even Spargel!), fruits, homemade pasta, fresh flowers, meat, and local eggs and herbs. You can even pick up a jar of honey from a local beekeeper.

Be sure to arrive early to get the freshest picks and the most variety… and to make headway if you don’t want to wait in line at the popular cheese stand.

Do Some Stargazing

Now that the evening skies are a bit clearer, this provides an ideal opportunity to do some stargazing. One of the best options close to the center of town would be to take a blanket with you and lay down on the green of the Stadtpark.

Another unique experience would be to check out the Sternwarte-Regensburg, the astronomical observatory (Ägidienplatz 2) to get an even closer view of the stars. Opening hours vary, and they usually have a lead event once a month.

Sit at an Outdoor Café

Sitting at an outdoor café is an absolute must during spring. Catch a bit of sunshine, drink a cup of tea, eat a long brunch, have a beer. Many cafés around town offer seating outside, including Café Felix (Fröhliche - Türken Str. 6), Scholz (D.-Martin-Luther-Straße 2) and many others. Several of the cafés around Bismarkplatz also offer drinks-to-go if you want to take something with you and wander through the city or sit out on one of the city squares or parks.


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