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Getting Fit in Regensburg

When it comes to working out, Regensburg offers something for everyone and every fitness level. Local Reporter Gabrielle provides you with some great tips on how and where to get back in form now that spring is finally around the corner — from bouldering to "Kangoo Jumps".
There are plenty of opportunities to get fit for the upcoming summer months!

If you are looking to improve your overall health and fitness level or have big plans to get toned and shredded for the summer, Regensburg has no shortage of options for meeting your fitness goals and interests. In town and the surrounding areas there are a multitude of options from traditional gyms to the latest trendy fitness courses.

For those looking for a sports center:

  • Mega Sports (Ernst-Frenzel-Straße 14, Obertraubling) is the place for partner and group sports. Here they offer courts for playing squash, badminton, and tennis. They have a climbing wall and offer some fitness courses as well. If you like beach volleyball, it can also be nice to play here in the warmer months. There is a pleasant pizzeria on site to help you refuel after the workout.

For those who like the traditional gym:

  • Fitness First (Bahnhofstraße 16; Am Europakanal 32) has two locations in Regensburg. Both are modern fitness centers which offer a wide selection of fitness courses, wellness and spa facilities, and a personal trainer service.

For those who like taking the latest workout classes:

Kangoo Fit (Ritmo, Yorckstraße 20) — or Kangoo Jumps, as it is more commonly called — is a fun and trendy aerobics class that may look a bit silly at first but provides a really enjoyable way to burn some calories.

You start by putting on rebound shoes that have a spring-like mechanism on the bottom, and you wear them while performing your workout. The first minute or so you might think it will be impossible to maintain your balance, but you’ll catch on fast! You will be surprised at how a really hard cardio endurance workout can also be so much fun. Expect sore muscles the next day.

For those who like their fitness a bit harder:

  • BoxFit (Donaustaufer Straße 146) is a specialized fitness center for combat sports and hard fitness. They specialize in offering a range of boxing styles.
  • Streetfit (Dr.-Gessler-Straße 16) offers functional and circuit training to exercise your whole body in a small group setting. The workout is a mix of strength and cardio endurance training.
  • CrossFit (Ditthornstraße 11) is one of the most popular fitness offerings out there right now. It focuses on strength and conditioning through a combination of high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, and performing other gymnastic moves. CrossFit fans often promote it as being more than just a workout, but rather a lifestyle.

For those who like a more soothing workout:

Regensburg has many yoga studios covering a wide spectrum of yoga styles. These offerings include Acroyoga, hatha yoga, yin yoga, and more. Two of the most popular studios in town (Tarayoga and Westside Yoga) focus on vinyasa yoga, but also offer classes and workshops featuring other styles.

  • Tarayoga: Am Brixener Hof 5; Spatzengässchen 1
  • West Side Yoga: Prüfeninger Straße 20

For those looking for a fun and challenging fitness option:

Boulderwelt (Im Gewerbepark A46) is an indoor bouldering hall that also offers yoga classes. As bouldering is done without ropes or harnesses, the climbing walls are much lower than in a traditional climbing hall. The floor under the climbing walls here is also completely padded to break the impact if you fall.

Boulderwelt offers regular introduction sessions and can set you up with a group lesson or a private course, if desired. They rotate the position of the boulders on a regular basis, so you’ll never get bored with a route, and as you gain strength and skill, you can choose more difficult options. Bouldering is a great, challenging workout that can also be very social. They also have a café on site if you want to meet some people and get a drink or two afterwards.

For those who like to work out outside:

  • The Trimmdichpfad (Inselpark) is essentially an outdoor calisthenics park. There are about a dozen stations where you can practice various outdoor strength training exercises. Here you can utilize the benches to work your abs, do some pull-ups, climb across the monkey bars or do some other moves to tone your body.
  • For those who prefer a scenic run, the recommended activity would be to go jogging along the Danube River.

Gabrielle Byko is an international communication professional who has a passion for world travel and experiencing international culture exchange in all of its forms. Gabrielle is our Local Reporter in Regensburg.

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