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Sweetening Up a Cold Afternoon — Savoring Regensburg’s Cake and Coffee Scene

Chilly, damp afternoons in Regensburg certainly do not have to be seen as a waste. A dreary day is a great reason to sit in a cozy café, relax a bit and, most importantly, indulge your sweet tooth. Local Reporter Gabrielle lists some of the best places in town to get cake and coffee.

Regensburg offers many fine cafés and pastry shops which specialize in satisfying a wide array of your sweet tooth needs, guaranteed to sweeten up your afternoon on the most dismal of days. Let me introduce you to some of the best ones.

Konditorei Opera

Located at Prüfeninger Str. 44A

Ideal for: Cake

Café Opera is one of Regensburg’s most famous cafés located on in the west of the city, making it an easy 10-15-minute walk from the downtown area. They are best known for their cake selection but also offer a variety of other fine pastries and hot drinks.

On the weekends it is not uncommon to find anxious customers waiting in a line which goes outside of the door, and sometimes up the sidewalk and past the building, who are looking forward to taking a seat inside or bring a slice of cake home to savor. Everyone must order at the counter regardless of whether they choose to stay or go.

Seating inside is very limited and a bit tight — the same holds true for the seating outside. Service tends to be quick and efficient and makes the time waiting in line go by quickly, although it is well worth waiting for the reward of eating one of their famous cakes.

Diba Chocolat

Located at Rote-Hahnen-Gasse 6

Ideal for: Everything chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover, then Diba is the place for you. As soon as you enter the shop, it’s hard to not be enchanted by the pleasing smell of chocolate that fills the air. Here you can choose from a wide variety of handmade and pre-packaged chocolates, which a man in the store described to me as each being “equally delicious as the next.”

If getting a hot chocolate to drink is also something you fancy, Diba can also take care of that. You won’t be overwhelmed by the number of choices like you were with the pralines they have, as they only offer one simple, yet delicious hot chocolate — a truly luscious mixed melted chocolate blend which is creamy, and decadent with just the right amount of sweetness. There are only about five seats so either come in alone, in a pair, or bring the chocolates home to enjoy.


Located at Domstr. 1

Ideal for: Cupcakes!

The Cupcakery, as the name suggests, is a specialty bake shop offering cupcakes — something which they do very well.  Even though you don’t have the option of choosing other baked goods to contend with your purchase decision, choosing which cupcake(s) to eat is quite a challenging task. In store, they usually have about 12 delectable looking varieties which include: tiramisu (their classic one), raspberry cream, carrot cake, apple crumble, chocolate banana, a weekly featured cupcake and more. They are sold individually or you can also buy them by the dozen.

Besides being just the right ratio of fluffy cake and creamy frosting at a reasonable price, the cupcakes are beautifully designed. They are truly an edible work of art. You almost feel a bit guilty for eating them — almost.

The café itself is also very spacious offering a generous amount of comfy seating with cushy chairs.  There is a bit of a retro flair in the shop design which is well-suited for the jazz music playing in the background. Outside is also seating which can be used on the nicer days when the sunny weather returns.

Kaffee Lotte

Located at Untere Bachgasse 5

Ideal for: Chai latte with plenty of milk foam

Kaffee Lotte is pretty much THE ideal café. It is cozy, has comfortable seating and just enough places for its size to give it that homey feeling. Besides its winning atmosphere they offer homemade cakes, and other sweets as well as an assortment of coffees, specialty teas and hot chocolate. One can easily spend a few hours there joyfully sipping a cappuccino or one of their chai lattes. The atmosphere is also very conducive to having long chats with friends or bringing along a laptop to get some work done, or get lost in reading a novel.


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