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The Return of Sunshine & Ice Cream — 5 Things to Enjoy in Regensburg during the Summer

Summer has finally come to Regensburg and suddenly the town offers an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the weather. Local Reporter Gabrielle introduces you to five things you shouldn’t miss in Regensburg this season, from ice cream to music festivals.

It is no secret that Regensburg is beautiful all year long, but if any one season truly showcases all of the exceptional highlights which Regensburg has to offer, that would be the summer. Summer in Regensburg offers many opportunities to live a more leisurely lifestyle, soak up the sun and enjoy a more social atmosphere, along with the added bonus of warmer temperatures and jacket-free evenings.

This is a brief guide of five things to do in Regensburg in the summer.

1. Order an Ice Cream Cone and Take a Walk around Town

Throughout the Old Town you can find delicious ice cream or gelato on almost every major square or just around the corner from it. Each ice cream parlor has different specialties including classic, single flavors such as vanilla, chocolate or cinnamon, to combined flavors like chocolate-peanut-caramel or even the less conventional beer flavored ice cream. Most of these shops, especially Stenz and Diba, rotate their selection of artisanal flavors on a regular basis.

Over time, many of Regensburg’s ice cream lovers form a loyalty to a specific ice cream parlor and flavor which the shop offers, but individual preferences aside, nearly everywhere in the downtown has delicious, quality offerings. Go to whichever one you prefer — or go to them all! All are good!


  • Stenz (Bismarkplatz 9) — caramel or yogurt-honey-walnut in a waffle cone
  • Anna Liebt Brot (Gesandtenstr. 5) — white chocolate and rhubarb
  • Diba Chocolat (Rote-Hahnen-Gasse 6) — anything with chocolate
  • Aamu (Thundorferstr. 10) — any of their vegan sorbets, especially coconut

2. Head Over to Jahninsel for Barbecues and Sunbathing

During summertime, from the early morning hours when the sun is just starting to make an appearance along the horizon, until long after the sun has once again set, there will be people sprawled out on towels and picnic blankets over the entire Jahninsel.

In the afternoon you will typically come across the sunbathers and those practicing slacklining. As the late afternoon/early evening begins, many people start toting over their portable grills, light up the fire and have barbecues or just sit in small groups to have a few drinks and a chat. You might even catch a crooning guitar player as well.

3. Spend an Evening Out on Bismarckplatz

Once the warmer weather begins, Bismarckplatz becomes the unofficial meeting point on summer evenings. The Bismarckplatz meetups can start as early as late afternoon by ordering an ice cream cone, and sitting out on the steps by the fountain. Many of the nearby bars and cafés offer drinks-to-go during the summer season, so you can grab a take-away drink from there, or bring your own and join the group of people which will start to gather and stay here for a few relaxing hours.

4. Attend a Summer Festival

The summer is filled with many different types of festivals, some of which focus on music covering a range of musical style interests. A few of the most well-known summer festivals are:


Bürgerfest (takes place every other year, falling on the odd numbered years) is arguably Regensburg’s most popular festival. For one weekend, the Old Town is taken over by a wide array of cultural offerings which include music and dance performance, delicious culinary options, as well as many other surprises. Do not expect to get much sleep that weekend!


Bayerisches Jazzweekend is a weekend long fest celebrating jazz music. Over a dozen stages are set up across the city with different jazz performers who play throughout the entire festival weekend.

Spectaculum is the Renaissance festival/market which takes place on Grieser Spitz. The festival showcases musical and theatrical performances (be sure to check the program), games such as utilizing your skill as a hatchet thrower, as well as merchants selling a variety of handmade and other goods.

Gassenfest (every other year, falling on the even numbered years) usually takes place on Ostengasse and is a multi-day event supporting and encouraging social involvement such as volunteering and social-cultural groups.

Other festivals include:

  • Jahninselfest
  • Zuckerbrot und Peitsche Open Air Festival
  • Farbgefühle Festival

5. Go See a Movie at the Outdoor Cinema

In the last few years, an open air cinema, Cinema Paradiso, has been added to Regensburg increasing cultural options. Cinema Paradiso is located near the Eiserne Brücke and is an easy walk from the Old Town.

Cinema Paradiso has showings which usually take place from mid-July to mid-August. They offer a varying selection of different films ranging from Hollywood productions, foreign, independent films and more.

The grounds open early with a lovely café serving drinks and more. Once the sun starts to go down, you can head over to the showing area, pick up your headphones, and watch the selected evening film. As space is limited, reservations are encouraged.


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