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Weekend Brunching in Regensburg

Now that snow is covering the ground and the temperature has dropped below freezing, finding motivation to leave the house on the weekend can be challenging. One very motivating reason however to get out of bed and make it into the city on the frigid weekend mornings is for brunch!

Regensburg is very fortunate to have many great restaurants to savor a delicious breakfast or brunch, during the week and on the weekends (especially on Sunday).

When I head out to find a place where I can start the day with some tasty food, my top choices are the following.

Early Bird Frühstücksküche (Stadtamhof 6)

Early Bird is a unique restaurant: their menu specifically offers breakfast and brunch – all day long, every day. The black board on the wall usually lists four creative breakfast options, which change on a regular basis.

At the table one can find two additional menus — one listing individual add-on options which can be used to supplement a breakfast order, or be pieced together to create your own whole breakfast. Options include scrambled eggs, a variety of cheeses, a bread basket, etc.

The other menu, which is one of their main attractions, is their pancake options. Though the pancakes may be smaller than the super-sized American ones, you know you are in for a treat as soon as you smell their delicious aroma. Pancake options include various combinations with chocolate chips, berries, nuts and more.  You can also order maple syrup or crispy bacon on the side.

Anna Liebt Brot und Kaffee (Gesandtenstr. 5)

Anna Liebt Brot und Kaffee is an all-around lovely café and an especially great choice for breakfast. They offer a variety of breakfast menu ideas, many which are accompanied with their delicious, fresh bread — something which, as their name suggests, they are well-known for, and for good reason. The home-made spreads which can be ordered to accompany their breads, are equally delicious.

A fresh-pressed juice makes a great pairing with the food, or serves as a jump start before the meal. Menu options are plated very appealingly and in generously portioned sizes, guaranteed to leave you feeling very satisfied.

Orders are taken up front and you receive a number to place on the table to indicate where your meal should be brought out post-preparation.

The café can cater to various group sizes, even those on the larger side.

Café Lila (Rote-Hahnen-Gasse 2)

Café Lila is another very pleasant, multi-purpose café which also serves a very nice breakfast. They offer a wide selection of set breakfast options catering to all different types of tastes and levels of hunger. Options range from simple Muesli to more elaborate international inspired options.

Their bread is also fresh and very delicious and their homemade jams, especially the strawberry flavored one, are a must,.

Orphée (Wahlenstr. 1)

Orphée is a bit more up-scale place, designed with the flair of a French bistro in mind, and also a bit reminiscent of Vienna. They offer traditional French specialties such as crepes and quiche, but have a selection of international options, as well. Certain food orders are served on a three-tiered platter which is quite an eye catcher.


If you are looking for restaurants and cafés that impress with quantity rather than presentation, you should check out these buffet-style places. They offer  all you can eat buffets at a set price on most Sundays.

  • ALEX (Neupfarrpl.6)
  • Rive Droite (Drei-Mohren-Str. 1)


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