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Hangout with indverskt (Sunday evening) (Reykjavík)


Hi Reykjaviker's,

Hello to both locals and expats. I was wondering if there was someone who had nothing much to do on a Sunday evening and offer me some company. I was planning to walk around and hang out in the pubs in Laugavegur. Not trying to get wasted but just to get a vibe of the street and the town.
This is my first visit to Reykjavik and the primary goal is to participate in a trekking trip starting Tuesday.

In return I can tell you Saga's from India, Malaysia or Finland, these are countries I know most about. I speak no holds barred so you can ask me any question without me considering it personal. Takes me a few minutes to open up but once you get me talking, it might take a hammer to make me stop :) Just kidding.

I would be also delighted if someone wants to hang around on Monday, when my plan was to do basic sight seeing but then I can imagine that everyone has their vinnutörn.

Regards from Helsinki,

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