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Job for german teacher (Reykjavík)


Hello all together,
As my husband and I are dealing with the possibility of living and working in Iceland for a longer period one day I am just trying to get some information about the chances for a german speaking teacher for history and geography to get a job at Iceland.
I would be interested in two possible branches: one would be the work for a travel agency, for example as a guide or in the agency itself by organizing tours, go to the airport to pick up guests or visit the hotels to give information to the guests or answer questions or something like that. I know that as a guide you have to run through a special education and that you have to speak Icelandic. So I think that it would be difficult for me to work as a guide as long as I am not able to speak Icelandic. But I am open minded for every good advice or information :-).
The other possibility would be to work as a teacher, perhaps for German. But I think this would be difficult as well without icelandic language knowledges.
As I just said. I am not looking for a job NOW, but perhaps in the next year. And I just would like to get some information if there are possibilities for someone like me to work at Iceland at all.
Thank you so far!

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