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Looking for work in Iceland (Reykjavík)

My family and I are looking into moving to Iceland next summer. We had planned on moving there last year and had started the process but things changed and we ended up staying out here in California for another year but we are ready to go now. I am American but my wife is Icelandic so, at least, we have family there to help us get settled in. However, I'm having a little difficulty with figuring out how to go about finding work there. My wife's family has been helpful with talking to some employers there and getting my resume out so I'm not too worried about it but I'm wondering if anyone knows any good websites or other resources that I can explore so I can do more on my end here to secure some kind of employment before we move. My knowledge of the Icelandic language is extremely limited so I'm not hoping to get a managerial position anytime soon, but I have over 12 years of welding experience and a degree in emergency management. Any info someone might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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