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Moving to Reykjavik whilst pregnant (Reykjavík)

Hey all, my boyfriend has found his dream job in Reykjavik. Under normal circumstances I'd jump at the chance to live abroad, but am currently feeling pretty anxious as I'll be heavily pregnant when we get there. My head is spinning with things we need to think about if we move and I could definitely do with some guidance! My main concerns are money (his salary won't be huge and from what I've read Reykjavik can be quite expensive), the weather (what would it be like to live through an Icelandic winter with a newborn), and how easy it would be to build a support system there (are mum and baby groups a thing? Do most people speak English?)

We are lucky that coming from England we don't need to worry about health insurance but the idea of setting up with a new doctor/ midwife team so late in my pregnancy is a bit scary, as is the thought of giving birth in a new country away from friends and family. I'd love to live abroad again (I did it once in my early 20s) and I want to support my partner in following his dream career, but I also want to be practical and gather as much information as possible first. Any advice of any kind would be very welcome :)

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