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Seeking for ideas and projects for the common good (Reykjavík)

Hello everybody!
I am travelling tomorrow to Reikiavik to spend 4 days there. I am a Blogger writting about Sustainable Living and Education towards Forward and Creative Collective Thinking.
I am writing a series that Will take me to Italy after I visit Iceland and to Spain again before deciding what best shall we try in our incubation network in WestAfrica, called Seneguinegambia and consisting in a civil league of school based communities located in Gambia, Senegal and Guinee-Bissau.
As member of the Global Goodwill Ambassador network I am also seeking for any projects of Global Goodwill that we could invite to join our network.
As well I would appreciate to know diverse professionals involved with education, social education, educative travelling programs, intergenerational programs, initiatives towards social inclusión or global inclusión, etc. who might love to write articles for our platform of bloggers or could give us an interview if they have a Project of global interest.

Any one reading this and knowing anybody who might love to reach this message, please help the message reach its recipients.

Thanks everybody for reading this far, for your time and attention and hopefully for your collaboration or participation too.

Bright day to you all!

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