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Apartheid in Riga

Yesterday night I experienced the umpteenth episode of racism in Latvia in 6 years of permanent residence and taxes paid, while trying to enter Just Bar in 11 Novembra Krastmala.
An friend of mine and me, both decently dressed (dark suits and classic shoes), not drunk nor dirty nor smelly, were simply bounced by the security because we were not able to answer the question "Pie ka jums?". This reminded me of the times when Coyote Fly and Radio Bar adopted the same policy since Protected content , making question in Latvian like "how are you?" to people looking foreigner just to bounce them with the usual excuse of "private party".
Never heard of any country treating foreigners (bringing investments, job and money) so badly.
I invite all members to boicot such kind of places and to spread the knowledge of such hateful behaviour for any other place carrying out the same scheme, hoping the places will be soon insolvent and their owners bankrupt.

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