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Are there free bank accounts for non residents? (Riga)

Hi all,

I am trying to apply for a self-employed residence permit here in Latvia. Been trying for a few months now.

The problem is that the Latvian Gov needs a verification of funds letter from my bank that proves that I have enough money to operate my business.

My bank provided such a letter but the government didn't accept it.

They didn't accept it because -

A. It only had my name and no other personal identifiers - so they can't prove that it is me.
B. The letter wasn't signed by a real person.

My bank - Chase - refuses to put such information down in written form and said that all they can offer is for me to get on a call with them and the government to verify. ( of course, the Latvian Gov said - no)

My options now are to try and open up a bank account locally that will be able to provide such a letter and transfer the money here to latvia.

While that is a headache in and of itself because I would need to transfer my money back afterward for business purposes, which means I would lose money on transfer fees, it's also an issue because I haven't found too many banks that will open an account without a residence permit here.

The two I found so far - SEB and Citadele, have fees of Protected content 150 euros for account creation.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and solved it somehow?
Does anyone know any local Banks that will open an account for me at no charge without a residence permit? (i do already have a personal code though)

Thanks in advance for your help.

This is all quite urgent because I need to leave the country in 9 days if this doesn't get resolved.


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