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Moving to Latvia to work, need advice (Riga)


I'm in the process of securing a job offer in Latvia, but unfortunately, I don't know a lot about this beautiful country I would like your help on few matters:

1- what's the normal packages (salary and benefits package) you'd get working in a multinational firm (one of the top 4 firms in the world) but its rather small in Latvia given the country size.

2- what's the minimum salary that i should accept (net and gross) that I could live a decent live style?

I don't drink beer or alcohol :D and I'll be living alone for a while

*I've 6 years experience in one of the other Big 4 firms around the world & I hold two Internationally designated Qualifications.

4- I'll be working in different locations within Latvia, like every Protected content I'll be in a different place, how good is the network transportation system (buses, trains, subway,...) or would I need to buy a car (like transportation will be impossible without a car) ?

3- what's the average spending during the month that I should expect (rent + heating & electricity + daily transportation Protected content meals per day + laundry & Dry cleaning + mobile data + internet) ?

I don't drink beer or alcohol :D and I'll be living alone for a while

I've done some research and I've got the following results, please tell me if they are accurate:

1- Cost of living for 1 person for 1 month (without rent) = Euro 556

2- Renting an Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre= Euro 274

3- Utilities Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment = 147.98 €

4- I'll be meeting with the human capital director on Saturday, what information should I ask him regarding moving to Latvia ?

5-when renting an apartment, what's the usual security deposit that I'll to pay? Like 1 or 2 month up front.

6- My main office will be Riga, Centra rajons, where should I be renting a place, and are there like good region and bad regions ?

7- I will be coming from Egypt (average temperature is 30 to 45 degrees) I've learnt that you have a very cold weather like +4 to -4, where would you recommend I should buy good warm clothes that are not expensive.

8- what would be better language to learn, Latvian or Russian ?

and could you recommend a good learning center ? and how much time it would take to learn the basics at least?

Appreciate your help , and terribly sorry for the long post, but I'm too nervous

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