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Dear all,

my name is Ediite and I have been with Internations for quite some time, during my time abroad and have actively participated in various communities. Recently I joined the Riga community and would like to discover Riga a bit more, thus I volunteered to be the Riga Entertainment Group council.

I am planning the first meeting this Sunday afternoon [ of Friday evening ], with a meal + drinks in some place outside of city center, so that everyone has a reason to visit something new and has an activity/entertainment! ;)

Kindly join the group to receive the final information and join us this weekend for an activity.

For future meeting plans, I was looking at organizing world-food dinners in various ethical restaurants, bike tour in Riga once the weather gets a bit better, film and music festival gatherings etc. Your suggestions and wishes for entertainment activities are most welcome and any more volunteers for creating events, are most welcome.



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