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Survival Latvian language course (Riga)

Do you want to speak Latvian or know more about Latvia?
Survival Latvian is a special program for those who’ve just come to Latvia or live here for quite a long time, but don’t know enough about the country and it’s language, who want to assimilate faster avoiding culture shock :)
The main language on the lessons is Latvian (with some clarifications in English). Even if you are a complete beginner, on my lessons you will be able to speak from the very first lesson. We use games for learning the language and take situations which you need in your everyday life (cafe, shop, transport, etc.)
The lessons are devided into 2 parts: the language and information about the country (history, literature, cuisine, ethnic symbols, etc.)
You don’t need to buy a special book for the course. Instead, you will have presentations, which you can also buy in a paper form. That would be perfect for you to make your notes, but it’s not obligatory. You can also get it in an electronic way and print it by yourself.
Feel free to join the event on Facebook Protected content for more info and ... uz tikšanos! ;)

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