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Tell me about your city! (Riga)

Hi all,
So, the plan is to move to Riga in late August. Obviously, I am full of questions! The kids have been enrolled in the International School of Riga in Kipsala and we are looking at a stay of about 3 years. I have visited the city already and was impressed. Actually, it surpassed my expectations. The jugendstile architecture was amazing, the streets were clean and there was little graffitti.

I have been reading what little I could find on expat experiences in Riga. It has been interesting, and very inconsistent. This city seems like the type of place that one either really likes or really dislikes.

Tell me what you like about Riga. What are the areas that you think are a challenge? What advice do you have for a new expat?

Thanks in advance!

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