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Hello Everybody!
Royal Rio Tours', first event of Protected content a great and exciting success for everyone who attended! Clear blue sky's and gorgeous sun blessed us with a wonderful day! Our guided tour was very pleasant and beautiful at Sitio Burle Marx where we viewed the lush gardens with some very amazing plants and the historical buildings.
Then we continued our tour to "Cantinho da Tia Penha" where we had a delicious lunch from appetizer, main dish, then finally the desert! (Yes our tour's include the local restaurant that we choose after eating there our selfs.) After the lunch we continued to "Cachaçaria Maxicana" for some tasting of their wonderful cachaca and cheeses which was also available for purchase. Then after taking pictures and touring we ended the day at the beach cooling off and relaxing at Grumari. What more can you ask for in such a short time? Well we hope to see new and repeat tour customers to have fun and enjoy our tours while learning about places in Rio de Janerio. We will be creating new tours for everyone to include adventure tours. (we create tours, not package them to keep them new and fresh)
Please join us to have fun on our tours with other friendly and beautiful people! And don't forget the nice delicious restaurants included!
Ahhhh....! Due to a lot of requests and some people already on the waiting list, We are going to repeat the tour to Sitio Burlemarx and announce the new one.
Just wait for the news meanwhile you can pay a visit and see the pictures of Sitio Burlemarx
See ya all.

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