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Advise for people in Rio de Janeiro


I got a call from a friend and he told me somebody withdrawled $ Protected content his card, thats roundly Protected content , in one day.
He checked his account and saw that he was using his card only twice outside of the cashmachine of his bank.
I told him, that was twice to much. I never use my card and pay by card.
I dont trust any sellers in town. This might sound harsh, but even I trust only a few banks here.
I only go to a big foreign bank, which name I dont want to write here, which gives me security when go to the chash machine.

He was probably a victim of card-cloning.

And thats the second time I hear about that. Another friend got ripped off Protected content 5 years ago from a Avenida Atlantica Restaurant, while he paid there by card.
He saw his surprise a week later in his bank-statement.

My advise: Never pay with your card and your PIN. Always pay cash!

Play it cool and stay safe in this city!
Proof the scam-artists, we are smarter then they are :)

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