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Carnival Tips (Rio de Janeiro)

Hello Everybody!!

As carnival is coming (already started!), I think all of you that will have your amazing first time experience should read some tips and details about it. So that, you can have a perfect carnival even with more joy and safety! =)

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To this website, I would add that those "sexy ladies" around leme in the atlantica... they will come to you trying to seduce you and touch you... but they just want to find your phones and money... they will go away as soon as they find it... soooo, run away before them. hehehe (I already had 3 friends falling for that)

And PLEEEASE avoid having things on your pockets during the blocos...

Unfortunately I couldn´t find this video in english, but it´s a great portuguese practice and you should take a look to all this "robbers´ tricks":

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And also... the website with all the BLOCOS so you can pick your BLOCO times!

Click on the Region (VEJA A LISTA COMPLETA) you want to check.
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Another easier website:
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I hope you enjoy it!
Happy Carnival!

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