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Collaborative Trip - Rio with different glasses (Rio de Janeiro)

Hello guys!
Do you know about collaborative economy? I am sure you do! If you use Facebook, Waze, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Wikipedia, etc once, you were already inside the collaborative economy! Collaborative companies do business WITH people and not just FOR them. I am sure you got it!

Well, why I am saying it?
I am teacher at PUC/SP. I have a master degree in Collaborative Economy from NHTH, a Dutch University. I am planning to attend a congress in Social Responsibility from 13th to 14th August in Rio. I would like to spend the weekend and visit some collaborative initiatives that are already happening in Rio such as collaborative house and a collaborative coffee. I am trying to find some crazies that want to join me and get to know Rio with different glasses (from the abundance economy, based on trust and honest). In exchange, I am looking for a place to sleep 3 nights.

Find more information about me and my collaborative company at Protected content (english version in the top)

Looking forward to some replies!

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