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From Utrecht to Rio in a few months. Realistic? (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi there,

I recently joined the Internations community and would like to introduce myself. My name is Frans and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm a freelance IT professional with a specialisation in EMC Documentum. I'm planning on moving to Brazil at the end of this year (or at the latest Januari next year). I'm very curious what you think of my plans and would like to know if you think it's a realistic and feasible one.

At the moment I'm working in the Netherlands. I have a Master degree in Information Technology. I speak fluent Dutch and English, but no Brazilian Portugese yet (I'm currently attending Brazilian Portugese language courses). I would like to live and work in Brazil for at least 6 months (and maybe subsequently emigrate). I think the paperwork and relocation won't be that hard. But I'm more concerned about the possibilities of working there. I prefer a project based assignment, but am willing to consider employment.

Surfing the internet I hear the following things about finding an assignment/job in Brazil:
1. Brazilian companees prefer Brazilian employers with a similar degree, because they speak better Portugese and don't need the arrangement of a working permit.
2. Multinationals located in Brazil prefer Brazilian employers because it seems to be cheaper
3. Getting a working permit is very hard and takes at least 6 months (because of the bureaucracy)
4. Finding a job in Rio is hard. You should try Sao Paolo instead
5. If you don’t speak Brazilian Portugese finding a job is impossible

Do you share these observations or is it still a realistic picture for me to go and find an assignment/job in Brazil at the end of the year? And if so, how many months prior to my departure would you advice me to go look for an assignment/job and a place to stay?

I'm looking forward to your reactions and thoughts.

Take care!

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