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Help with area and accommodation (Rio de Janeiro)


I am planning on moving to Brazil in March. I have been reading up on areas and accommodation but would be grateful if some of you could tell me your views and opinions as I think a lot of what I have read is quiet old.

What area is the best to live in?
What sort of price (in reils) would it cost?
and what are the best place to find accommodation? (websites? agents? newspapers?)

To make it a little bit easier here's some information about what I am looking for.

I don't drive so good transport is important.
Safety, I know that you have to be careful everywhere, but somewhere I don't have to be afraid.
I am going to find some work teaching so if there are any areas with school that would be great (starting on a tourist visa so school which except that would be ideal!)
Price, I know teachers don't earn a huge amount there.
Somewhere with a few expat bars (need to make some friends!)

Also, if you know somewhere other than Rio that has everything I want then that would be great. I want somewhere near the sea, but Salvador seem to be more unsafe and Fortaleza is apparently just not that nice.

Sorry, this has become quiet long. Any little bits of help and advice would be lovely.


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