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Helping people Up to the hill:donations (Rio de Janeiro)




As many of you have heard about the tragedy occured up in Teresópolis, Nova Friburgo, Petropólis, Areal, Bom Jardim and many small villages around the Valley - HUGE storm poured down on the top of the hills at night from Tuesday to Wednesday destroying everything around, killing more than Protected content until now. If you wan tot help you can:

a) donate blood at Hemo Rio: Rua Frei Caneca, 8 Centro near the Lavradio Street, Lapa.

b) donate clothes, water, diappers, crackers, "toddinho", blankets, sheets, tooth past, tooth brush, soap, ogther emergency materials at the Ipanema/General Osório Metrô Station, at Viva Rio Headquaters (Nog),Rua do Russel, 76, Glória, at Pão de Açúcar Supermarkets, at Red Cross Headquarters at Red Cross Place, near Lapa, in dowtown.

thanks all of you,

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