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I can offer a lot! (can you offer me a job?) (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi everyone!

I'm a Norwegian national, currently living in my home town Oslo (so not living in Brazil at the mo, but I have lived over there several times, a total of more than three years). My dream is to move back there with my Brazilian (paulista) Personal Trainer husband (but not without a job/income/place to live, obviously). I don't know if this is the right place to look for these things, but I figure it'll do no harm trying.

I have a bachelor's degree in Portuguese (language and literature - in other words I'm fluent) and I'm currently writing my master thesis on Human Rights (due in April). My work experience consists of teaching English, reception and secretary work, sales and serving.

My dream job would be working with Human Rights with an NGO, but anything with a liveable salary would be of interest.

I'm thinking I'll probably never get an offer through an online expat community but I can't stop dreaming about long runs along the beach, água de côco and shorts all year round... So if you happen to come across anything...?

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