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Interview partners needed for my bachelor thesis (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi, I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis with the topic ''Mentoring as part of strategic management to support expatriates in the critical phases of their foreign assignments''.

I would like to conduct some interviews with expatriates who are doing a job abroad for a large company.
I just want to ask a few questions about your experiences in the foreign country, problems you might encounter in the adaption process due to cultural differences or problems/ fears concerning the reintegration to your home country organisation.

In my thesis the emphasis is placed on finding out whether formal and/or informal mentoring can help expatriates to have a more successful overseas experience and can give valuable support concerning psychosocial aspects, career issues and network development.

So, if you are an expatriate for a well-known company and receive mentor support either through a formal mentoring program by your company or by informal mentor relationships I would love to hear from you!

Thank you very much for your help,



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