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Looking for a place to spend the winter in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi guys, I want to spend the winter somewhere on the Brazilian coast. I am looking for a place that is not just a pretty beach, so a town/city of some size, not necessarily big, though---And, a pretty beach-- with good services, safe (as much as can be expected), hopefully in the tropics, laid back. I don't care for highrises. Have been to Saquarema, Arraial do Cabo, Buzios, Ubatuba, Paraty.. I've been traveling SA now for 11 mo and am sorta tired, so dont have lots of extra energy to head up and down the whole Brazilian coast looking for such a place, as i had planned. So, if you could give me a few suggestions, I could head to those few to check them out..... and, hopefully, stay...... aaahhh Thanks so much....

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