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Looking for work or ideas for work in Sud America (Rio de Janeiro)

Hello all,

I am a junior lawyer from Australia aged 24. I have just returned from travelling abroad solo for 10 months, which included 4 months in South America. During that time I did some volunteering with disabled children, in a children's centre, and at the local zoo in La Paz.

I now speak basic conversational spanish having done 40 hours of classes and practicing whilst being in Latin America.

I currently have a job as a solicitor in litigation and some criminal law, but have advised my employer that I will be leaving at the end of Protected content commence working abroad at the beginning of Protected content .

I have been doing some research into job opportunities which I could pursue in South America, and am also open to trying different types of work.

I was wondering whether anyone can suggest some types of work which I could pursue, or any international companies that operate in South America, preferrably Rio. Does any Australians have any experience with gaining a working Visa in Brazil and other countries in Latin America?


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