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Mixed Signals - Teaching English in Rio (Rio de Janeiro)

Hello Everyone,

My apologies if this is listed in another discussion group but I wasn't able to find the right answer to my question. I am currently living in Boston, MA and after three years surrounded by Brazilian culture up here I want to make the leap to actually living in Brazil.

I have a M.Ed from Harvard University but I do not have a TEFL or TOEFL certificate. I've spoken with several companies there that are requiring several thousand dollars (US) for a 4 week certification program. And then I hear other people saying it's a rip off. I'd like to do the appropriate thing and legitimately teach English in a proper way. But I agree that shelling out that much money seems a bit absurd. I know I could get TEFL certified online as well, but if I go that route, should I be doing that before I leave? I'm currently working 2 jobs in order to save money to make the move so it's a bit tough. I'm just wondering with a Master's degree if then that's even necessary.

Does anyone have any advice or connections to help me? I plan to move to Rio (short-term for now) early Protected content doing my research now.

Much obliged!


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