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Moving to Rio - Current cost of living and crime (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi guys,

My carioca wife and I are considering moving back to Rio. Currently living in Luxembourg, there are many sides of Rio which we both miss. We are, however, concerned about the cost of living (well) and what seems to be escalating crime levels.

On the first point, I expect that we would earn net of tax R$25k - R$30k between the two of us. To which extent would that allow for a secure and comfortable living in Zona Sul? Beyond getting by month by month, it is important for us to have the capacity to travel. There are no kids yet, but we hope to be joined by one or two in the not too distant future.

On the second point, my wife is really concerned about what seems from the outside to be an escalating situation approaching the World Cup. From the inside and from a Gringo's perspective, how it the situation?

In Luxembourg we would be leaving behind a very comfortable existence, both financially and in terms of security.

Any views and advice from those of you that are there and either loving it or hating it, would be great.

Best regards,


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