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Moving to Rio de Janeiro for a year



I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and now that I have my undergrad done and have been working for a while . . . I have decided that I want to move to Rio for a year before applying to Law School. I visited Rio in Protected content , during Carnival and was there for 2 weeks visiting a friend. It was absolutely wonderful and I know visiting is VERY different from living. But I have lived in several countries and traveled around the world, so I am excited about the challenge and pretty tolerant.

1. Language

Can anyone recommend a where I can learn Portuguese in Rio? Or should I get a private tutor?

2. Accommodations

I want to live somewhere safe and close to the beach. yikes (don't we all). Would a budget of Protected content a month be realistic? Do apartments generally come furnished and inclusive of utilities?

3. Zumba class in Rio

I know, how stereotypical. . . but I actually do want to lean how to dance Zumba. Any recommendations?

4. Driver

This may be out there, but I was thinking of having a driver. But I have no idea how to make this happen. Basically someone I could call to take me and drop me off, rather than me depending on taxis or public transport.

5. Fellow Canadian in Rio

I'd love to be able to hang out with fellow Canadians. Lucky me, my friend in Rio is helping me with the visa applications and will help me get settled but I don't want to be always rushing to her for help or burdening her. So the more people I know the better.

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