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Moving to Rio - What to bring and what do you miss (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi all,

So plans are moving ahead for our move to Rio. I am sifting through all the information and am wondering what furniture and living stuff etc we should and shouldn't bring with us.
In addition, I am wondering if there are things that you miss (I'm Irish, so maybe any europeans who could pitch in on this?) there that if you were coming over now for the first time you would ensure you brought with you (kitchenware, linens, lamps etc...? Things that are super expensive to source there....this kind of thing.

For example, I see that if we bring our TV we will need to convert the power, and if we bring it in, we have to bring it out when we leave in a few that correct?
How about beds? We have a large bed here which I think may be too big to bring but would replacing it cost the earth?
Is there anything there that is pleasantly good value and interesting to source locally - we'd need to replace our dining table, general living room furniture etc. as it stands now... We live in Abu Dhabi where houses are enormous and well, so is the furniture - I don't see it fitting in anywhere else so am thinking of selling it before we move.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received :-)
Thanks in advance for your help

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