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New to Internations!! :) (Rio de Janeiro)

Hello everyone!! Im new to Internations. Today is actually my first day on it and I would like to introduce myself. I am from Recife, Brazil and since a very young age I moved to the US and then to Barcelona, Spain and afterwards to Brussels, Belgium. Last year I came to Rio for vacations and decided to give it try and stayed. Even though Ive been here for a year, all my friends were my ex's friends so last month when we broke up I ended up with a lot less friends than when I first got here. So, its a new beginning for me and although I've met some great people at work I'd like to make new contacts, meet different people and integrate into a different social scenario. I missed the last Internations event, but I am looking foward for the next one so I can actually meet some of you there.
Take care, Maria

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