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Our day tour to Bananal (Rio de Janeiro)

Dear InterNations,

Last Sunday, some of our InterNations travelled through the Brazilian History in a kind of time machine and were transported to an antique and very important period of it. For those who were there - see the beautiful and smiling faces on the fotos - it was a day for remembering.

I thank all of you who spent the sunny Sunday visiting the antique Coffee Farms in Bananal region between Rio and São Paulo State borders, tasting local specialities in a nice cozy restaurant in Bananal town, visiting a homemade cachaçaria Protected content - tasting the local delicious cachaça, and listened to super interesting historical facts about that region.

For those who would like to join the group but could not, do not worry, be happy, I will promote more interesting day tours and other special programs.

Keep in touch and be ready for our nextday tour to visit a very cozy greening exclusive place in Rio and spend the afternoon in a very delicious restaurant by the sea.

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