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realistic job opportunities for a gringo (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Internations and am loving it so far. I live in Dubai, but my wife and I are seriously considering a move to Brazil. The biggest challenge i suspect will be finding work, especially with no Portugese language skills (yet!!).

I have several years expereince in logisitics management, mainly in freight forwarding and relocations industry. Are there companies out there that would hire foreign middle to senior management from abroad? or am I chasing a pipe dream?

What would be the best approach for finding opportunities, headhunters? I am planning on a trip to Rio next week and hopefully check out the scene a bit (mostly holiday, but would like to talk to recruiters also) Anyone have reccomendations?

Also, I've seen more freight related jobs advertised in Sao Paulo vs Rio. Is it fair to say that Sao Paulo get more freight traffic?

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