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Requests for research trip & vacation in late July (Rio de Janeiro)


My wife Ana (Paranaense) and I are making it to Rio in mid July, and we have a few requests. We would be interested in seeing some apt/condos while we are there, and would welcome any real estate agent recommendations. No current plans to purchase, just investigating the market and what might be available for the future.

Also, would love to meet and chat with expats and others who have set up a business in Rio. Starting to research Rio as a possible landing place for a future change. Even though we keep reading that Rio has become one of the most expensive cities to live! We are both creative professionals working in production, communications, and commercials. But our interests run deep in food, and lifestyle.

We are considering using AirBnB to locate a rental apartment for our week there. And we're thinking about staying in Santa Theresa. Thoughts? And we're huge into music. Any chance to take in some classic samba, roda da samba, bossa nova would be great!

Thanks in advance for any info! Muito obrigado!

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