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Rio Family Safety (Rio de Janeiro)

Hello All

We are an expat family with kids 8 and 5, looking at a potential move to Rio.

Having done some research on the subject, our biggest hang up about coming out there is the question of violence, safety etc. Having spoken to some people who were out there a few years ago, we heard so many horror stories.

Talking to my potential new boss he insists that the recent clean up operation (with the WC and Olympics in mind) has transformed the city. Clearly it's not as safe as Mainstreet in Disneyland but then who wants to live in a place that is really dull?

One of the main reasons for considering the post would be the wider "education" of our kids so that they learn to appreciate the luxury trappings they enjoy.

I think moving to a place where there is a chance of being robbed is acceptable but moving to a place where our kids would witness gunfights in the street would not be for us (to use a potentially extreme example).

We would welcome your views, especially bearing in mind the age of our children.

Many Thanks.


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