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4 things you should know before you visit KSA: (Riyadh)

Hey guys I would like to talk about my experience in Saudi Arabia and I think whether you’re a resident of KSA or just planning a business trip for the first time, there are a couple of things that you should know before you move in order to avoid any unpleasant incident and ensure you will have an all-around authentic and enjoyable experience during your stay.

Travelling during Ramadan:
As you may know KSA is an islamic country after all, so you should respect their local customs and traditions, If you’re travelling in Ramadan be aware that it is now allowed for you to eat or drink in public places during the daytime until sunset. Most restaurants will be open only for delivery.

KSA internet censorship policy:
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of KSA have blocked more than Protected content and all VOIP applications such as FaceTime, messenger calls, skype and Viber, VPN will help you get some freedom online only a few VPNs work in KSA.
NordVPN and Express are the best two options even though I personally prefer NordVPN because it provides pretty same service as express for 3$ while express will cost you more than 13$.

Try not to take any photographs of strangers, especially women as it is considered intrusive and rude. Photographing military installations, government buildings and private premises is strictly prohibited.

Dress code
In general, Saudis are a bit strict about dressing in some cities, your clothes should be decent and modest, women are not allowed to wear short dresses in public, bikini is allowed only in closed swimming pool, also you should stick to islamic dress code when you visit mosques or any holy place such as Mecca or Al-madina City.

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