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Against Typicality (Riyadh)

My surrounding is full of a tradition led society.
People who have surrendered to the typical life path their ancestors have undergone.
For instance, a female's typical lifestyle is to study then get married after high school or after college. Sometimes if the girl fails pursuing her education, they search for a husband for her, believing it’s the best solution and a better time investment, to breed and obey.
My female cousins in my age are walking down the aisle one after another. They have graduated from college only couple months ago. What keeps me wondering is how happy they are to finally end up like others, indeed it’s the path taken by their parents and older siblings.
They are blinded, therefore they can't envision any other way of living.
I, on the other hand, believe that this traditional marriage is taking a step blindfolded, as you usually don't have much background about this person, no clue about the little details that can make a person refuses living with another!! Ranges from bad temper to poor hygiene.
I choose to follow a different path.
Take the road less traveled.
Getting married to someone I haven't fallen in love with is not on my bucket list.
Sometimes I pity those girls who feel insecure and incomplete when they cannot keep up with this typical lifestyle.
When she cannot convince those primitive minds that she is worthy of being chosen as a bride, sadness and insecurity pour inside her simple innocent heart. I am glad God has blessed me with a mindset that refuses to follow the footprints of others.
I wish I could open their eyes to life. Provide them with choices when they have given up to only one. Show them that the next page of their lives doesn’t have to be a typical page that all the other books consist of. Wish I could turn the page to introduce them to different choices: A successful career, finding their own selves and discovering their own personalities, taking time to set their goals and dreams before rushing to keep up with the rest of their society.
I know this road I am taking is unusual here, and I am ready to be looked at with pity for not keeping up with the usual way of living.
But I refuse to follow the footprints of those around me. I choose to believe in my own values that make sense and bring conviction to my mind.
If you have not gone through this path yet, do not feel bad..
You have a choice now to continue your life differently, while it might be too late for others
Don’t make marriage an obsession.
Explore choices because it is not the only choice!
Indeed, happiness has uncountable forms.

Nada Alanbar

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