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An Open Letter to Riyadh Community Ambassador.


Hello Mr. Ambassador Hashim.

Good morning. I hope that you are doing fine. I would like to ask if when you can arrange an event in our Riyadh community, what I mean is Official Event by Internations, organized by the community ambassador. Where I can feel the advantage of being an albatross member, as I compared to other communities an official event give the advantage of not paying anything or deducted price and sounds reasonable price as well to the albatross member. I see that there are many consuls who are organizing an activities. Well thanks to them but it came to my attention that (correct me if I wrong) some of them are making a business/money out of it. The price is not reasonable. But people tends to attend because of running out of things to do / limitations by rules here etc. Hope you are getting my point. You know better than anybody else because this is your country. I think better to address my concerns regarding this directly to you as an ambassador of Internation. I am willing to volunteer my time in organizing an official event with you.

Have a great time. Happy Halloween!


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