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Astronomy Lesson Guinea Pigs! (Riyadh)


Dear friends,

I'm currently undertaking an additional certificate in Astronomy for Teachers and will need to conduct 3 or 4 'classes' as part of my assessment.

Since my work at PSU does not allow for such subjects to be discussed I'm considering organising for the sessions to be aimed at people who would be interested in meeting with me informally so I can complete the classes as if they were part of a formal taught course.

The level will be UK GCSE/Ordinary level, so nothing too taxing in terms of Maths and Physics. I am also unsure of exactly when the sessions would take place - the most important thing is to get a group of 5 or more people together who would be my guinea pigs for the classes, and complete some simple assignments and feedback so that I can submit a report with anonymous assignments attached for the assessment procedure.

Anyone willing to participate, please PM me here with an email address as I only have a limited number of messages per month here. Once I have some idea of the level of interest I can proceed with organising the sessions, which would certainly take place on a few evenings or weekends due to everyone's work committments. The qualification runs until April so there is plenty of time.

The types of topics I intend to cover would be taken from the following (ones marked with asterisks are those I currently favour but everything is negotiable):

History of Astronomy*
Lenses and Optical Telescopes
Classification of Stars
Radio Astronomy
Models of the Solar System*
Stars and Galaxies
Structure of the Universe*
Stellar Observations
The Future of the Universe
Professional Observing
Other - to be approved with the course tutor

No special equipment or resources would be needed, only your participation in the sessions and the assignments to show that you have learned something of the topic, thus my teaching has been effective!

Thanks for your consideration, wish me luck!

PS Of course the sessions will be FREE to attend :)

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